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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee

It’s already the 5th generation of the Grand Cherokee by Jeep, and the 2023 edition offers a much-needed revamp of the 2022 edition. Available in Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L versions, this competitive SUV is a step forward from the 2022 version in terms of design, technology, and horsepower.

What’s new?

Connoisseurs of the Grand Cherokee line-up will notice that the design of the 2023 edition feels less chunky than its predecessor, thanks to a re-imaging of the lines. The vehicle is still massive and available in two rows and three rows models, and it offers a level of comfort and performance that makes it a king of the off-road and a handy vehicle to run your daily errands.

Interior and exterior design

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee feels like a massive SUV with chunky tires ranging from 17 to 23 inches, but its new slicked lines give it some elegance that was lacking in the 2022 version.

The interior has been remodeled to give it a luxurious look with heated black leather seats, three touch screens loaded with cutting-edge technology, and a lot of space in the second and third rows.

The vehicle has some powerful technology; you can get from nine to 19 speakers. Interior lights make it an ideal companion for long-distance rides as well as drive from your house to work.


Under the hood, the Grand Cherokee packs either a V6 or V8 cylinder engine that brings the performance up to 293 hp for the Laredo model and more than 357 hp for the Summit trim, the most powerful model of the line-up.

The Grand Cherokee has a plugin-hybrid system that allows you to drive 25 miles before switching to regular gas. The features make the vehicle perfect for everyday drives and compensate for a rather gas-hungry motor, especially for the V6 engines.


Overall, the Grand Cherokee by Jeep is a model of sturdiness and performance that will keep your family safe from many hazards. Safety options are abundant for this SUV, from the auto emergency braking, pedestrian detection system, a forward collision warning and parking sensors. The Cherokee also packs a night vision assist and a line crossing detection to make the road very safe for you and others.


The line-up of the Grand Cherokee starts at 53,490$ for the Laredo, the Altitude at 57,045$, the Limited at 61,440$, the Overland at 69,945$, the Summit at 75,540$ and to finish, the Summit Reverse starting at 79,845$.

The line-up of the Grand Cherokee L, a longer wheelbase SUV, starts at 55,045$ for the Laredo model, the Limited at 63,440$, the Overland at 71,945 $, the Summit at 77,490$ and to finish, the Summit Reverse starting at 81,845$.


The Grand Cherokee benefited from a new design that delivers a beautiful ride on any type of road. We are pleased with the safety features and think that although the bill will be heavy with a full option trim, this SUV is still one the best of its category.

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