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982 Redcliff Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 5E4, Canada
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Deliver Anywhere

A dealership that delivers anywhere in Canada!
City Chrysler works with the customer, figures out a delivery plan, even when you are hours away. Covering throughout the provinces,
we make sure your vehicle is transported to your destination. Don't have anyone to pick up your vehicle? No problem! We will make arrangements 
to deliver your vehicle right to you. A plan that gets your vehicle safely to your home is the ultimate goal. Delivery services to all provinces in Canada,
so you can sit, relax, without taking time off. We have you covered.  


(1) Answering any questions of your vehicle of choice 

(2) Working with your salesperson to see the vehicle-Process includes taking extra pictures, videos, etc. 
(3) Communication through phone, text, etc., to finalize the sale. 
(4) Agreeing & scheduling a date to deliver your vehicle by our driver. 
(5) Having your vehicle delivered to your home  

For additional questions, please contact us