4 ways to get your vehicle ready this Spring

We all get excited for the first day of Spring and it is no different this year. Bright sunny skies, beautiful vehicles on the road, green grass and the fresh smell of farmers' fields. All of this comes with feeling fresh with yourself and your belongings. There isn't a better feeling than driving down the open road with a clean sounding vehicle with the top and windows down. Hair flying and your dogs tongue is hanging out of the window with slobber flying through the air. The family friendly team at City Chrysler Medicine Hat brings the first edition to our series of blogs to help educate, showcase, and bring another avenue for our loyal customers to follow along on our journey to get you in the best vehicle for your needs.  

4 ways to get your vehicle ready this Spring

1. Tire Change 

Head on in to your local automotive shop to get your winter tires off and summer/all season tires put on. Don't forget to have them rotated to ensure even wear to get the most life out of them as possible. 

2. Interior/Exterior Clean 

Air has never felt as good as when it is fresh. Clean it up, winter is over and it will stay clean much longer than it did in the winter. If you were like me and doesn't like to clean your car but enjoys a clean car, now is the time to do it. In the winter it will get dirty daily, come Spring you can last months at times. 

PRO TIP: Have an interior clean done to get the dirt and grit out of the carpets to keep your vehicle clean. This will not only make you feel good, but can help in its resale condition in the near future. 

3. Top off fluids / Change wipers 

There is no worse thing than a heavy Spring rain fall with wipers that clean half of your windshield. Top off fluids and ensure the proper windshield washer fluid for the season is in there. Even better is on your next oil change to have this kind of work done to ensure it is proper replaced. 

PRO TIP: We've put fuel system service on special to help you feel fresh this spring in Medicine Hat with better fuel economy and improved performance of your vehicle. 

4. Overall service check-up

There is nothing sweeter than having your vehicle looked over for anything you may have missed in your regular oil change and tire rotation. Having your vehicle looked at by a professional helps put your mind at ease and your vehicle whispering as you drive down the open highway. Something often overlooked but can save you thousands of dollars on repairs in the near future. Mechanic yourself? Take a good look at your wheel alignment, brakes, body of the vehicle for damage, glass for small chips, and any areas you feel you have neglected over the years. We all have them, just check them. 

So there it is. 4 simple and easy things you can do to drive worry free. The other option if you don't like doing this? Check out our new and used inventory for monthly specials on beautiful vehicles that are sure to meet your needs.

Enjoy maintenance but want the deals? Check out our service specials online to capitalize on excellent savings for Spring! 

Do your own maintenance? Check out our parts specials online! 

Until next time enjoy the spring and soak in the fresh air. Summer is around the corner and WE ARE READY.

City Chrysler has been in business since 1975 and are located on the corner of Hwy 1 and Hwy 3 next to the Travelodge in Medicine Hat. 

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