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Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Good for Offroading?

When many people think of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, they think of it as a sporty family vehicle that is great for cruising around town. While this vehicle is great for taking into the city, it is also a great adventurous vehicle. So, is Jeep Grand Cherokee a good off-road vehicle? Keep reading to find out.

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee a Good Off-Road Vehicle?


The simple answer is yes. Yes, it is. When most people think of an off-roading Jeep vehicle, the first vehicle that they usually think of is the Wrangler or the Gladiator. And while both of those vehicles are impressive off-road vehicles, the Grand Cherokee also offers its own set of advanced features that makes it perfect for off-road adventures.

Powerful Engine Options


The 2021 Grand Cherokee offers four powerful engine options to help you get through the rough terrain. The engines that you can find on this vehicle include:

  • 3.6-litre V6 engine that delivers 293 horsepower (single exhaust) or 259 horsepower (dual exhaust) and 260 lb.-ft of torque.
  • 5.7-litre Hemi V8 delivers 360 horsepower and 390 lb.-ft of torque.
  • 6.4-litre Hemi V8 engine that delivers 475 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft of torque.
  • 6.2-litre Supercharged V8 engine that delivers 707 horsepower and 645 lb.-ft of torque.

All of the engine options are paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. They also have a towing capacity that ranges from 2,812 kg (6,200 lbs.) to 3,265 kg (7,200 lb.).

Selec-Terrain Traction Management System


Every Grand Cherokee model comes with the innovative Selec-Terrain Traction Management System. With this system, drivers can choose between four driving modes: Auto, Sport, Snow, and Sand/Mud. On the Trailhawk trim, drivers can enjoy the additional 'Rock" mode as well.

With a simple turn of a dial, drivers can choose which terrain they are up against. Then, the vehicle's drivetrain automatically applies the right amount of torque to each tire to ensure that it Is getting maximum traction.

Innovative 4x4 System


Jeep is known for its versatile and legendary 4x4 systems. This year, the Grand Cherokee offers three different available 4x4 systems to help you easily drive on any terrain.

The different drive systems include:

  • Quadra-Drive II System. This system helps you out when the terrain becomes uneven. If there is a time when all four tires are not touching the ground, this system will send up to 100% of the available torque to the wheels that are touching the ground. This is great for climbing over large rocks and other rough terrains.
  • Quad-Trac II System. This system comes with a brake lock differential which automatically applies pressure to the brakes in order to adjust the amount of torque that is delivered to the wheels.
  • QuadTrac SRT System. This drive system comes with a limited-slip differential, a brake-lock differential, and a Selec-Trac system to help you track a wide range of terrains.


Quadra-Lift Air Suspension

This innovative system allows you to lift the vehicle up to 27 cm (10.8 inches) and lower it by 4 cm (1.6 inches). This will help the vehicle climb over large rocks and other rough terrain. Also, with this system, the vehicle can stand up to 50 cm (20 inches) of water fording.